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About the Founder

Shameka Allen-Lane, CMP, DES

Shameka Allen-Lane, founder and C.E.O of Catalyst Event Coaching LLC, is an event coach and consultant that combines her love for events and education to empower others with the knowledge of effective event management.


As a Chemist, that fell in love with the event management and hospitality industry, Shameka is a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) with over 15 years of experience and has managed over 1200 events for distinctive global clients. She is focused on empowering people with the necessary education and tools needed to plan events effectively through her understanding of what works, what does not, and why. She is able to provide her clients with a detailed and comprehensive plan for the successful implementation of any event. In addition to her primary job functions, she is skilled in strategic planning, team engagement, and risk management.

Shameka holds a bachelor's degree in both Business Management and Chemistry with a Mathematics minor from Albany State University. She also has a master's degree in Hospitality Management and Tourism from Rosen College at the University of Central Florida.


Shameka is a wife and mother. She enjoys living in the "aha moments" as well as spending quality time with loved ones. Shameka is a third generation entrepreneur that ran from the "traditional" lifestyle due to fear it would reduce time with her family. She realized that she could make her own rules.

Shameka's orange dress standing elbows f

"I empower growing companies and nonprofits to execute events that meet at the intersection of profit and purpose."

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