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Strategy and Event Coaching

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Our Event Coaching and Strategy services utilize our Science of Events framework to help you structure your event strategy from planning to completion, tailored to the specific needs of your team.

The Science of Events Framework

Goals and Objectives

Clarifying your event purpose and desired outcomes

Financial Management

Setting the financial plan, from the outline down to the details


Creating procedures for the many facets of the event operation


Preparing all the components of event


Assessing the outcomes of your event


Utilizing our Science of Events framework, we start by conducting a review of your current processes and procedures to compare with your current goals. After comparing your desired goals with your current operations, we develop a custom and comprehensive strategy for your organization, based on your current needs and available resources.

Our Strategy services can be as expansive or specific as needed. The service can focus on a specific component, such as budgeting, a full financial management strategy, or overall event strategy that includes all the pillars of our framework.

Event Coaching

Through our Event Coaching service, we help you establish clear goals and objectives for your event, and then support you in meeting the milestones to successfully execute the event.

Event Coaching is offered as monthly project packages that include pre-, during, and post- event support.

We also provide customized training for organizations, teams, and new hires. Guidance will be provided related to specific topics surrounding your upcoming event; such as citywide hotel training or location specific-training for a new, site-specific team. Job aids can also be created for a "rinse and repeat" process for your organization or recurring project.

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